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Welcome to DronesAndRepair.com, a subsidiary of Thorson Global Innovations LLC and your number one source for all the NEWEST Flying Drones, Parts and Accessories! We have the best prices that can’t be beat and FREE SHIPPING on all of our products for customers within the United States.

Here at Drones and Repair we love to cater to the Drone Enthusiasts of the world and understand the struggles that come with Flying and (UNFORTUNATELY) crashing drones. We understand that accidents happen and Crashing your Quad copter is almost inevitable at some point or another. So to avoid the hardship of just buying a new one and tossing out your damaged Drone, we believe in repairing drones to save BIG BUCKS. And hopefully you will find our page helpful for those unfortunate, yet unavoidable situations. Feel Free to check out our DRONE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES.

Take a look at our selection and if there’s a question that you have about a product, feel free to reach out to info@dronesandrepair.com! We guarantee the highest quality products!

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Fly Safe and don’t forget, Drones And Repair is your number one source for all the newest Drones and Parts at the best prices online!


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